How To Make A Good YouTube Video: A Step-By-Step Guide

How To Make A Good YouTube Video: A Step-By-Step Guide

The video medium we live in now is YouTube.  A video made by anybody who wants to. However, not everyone on YouTube is instantly popular and earns millions of clicks. A few tactics used by professional YouTubers, as well as by businesses, may help them get the most out of their videos on both technical and content.


A rise in demand for YouTube video has coincided with an increase in access to and affordability of high-quality content. A high-quality camera is a must-have. For YouTube video, most modern smartphones feature a high-resolution camera with at least 12 megapixels. However, the SLR is still the best camera out there. As important as it is to have a high-quality microphone, it’s important to keep in mind that many YouTube viewers listen to the video with headphones or turn off the sound and only read the subtitles.

Small microphones cost as low as a few dollars. Here, even a small amount of money well paid. The importance of illumination cannot overstated, yet not everyone afford high-end headlights. Installing a big system takes up a lot of room, and it’s not always easy to hide it away. If you sit at your desk near a window, you’ll have enough light to record the movie. Even a strong light will suffice.

Have a look at your competition

Of course, you want your YouTube Video to have a significant impact and be a game-changer. To attract attention and build a strong fan base, you must always be up to date there are a lot of things that a smart YouTuber and content creator can do to stay up to date with the latest YouTube trends. The most popular YouTube Video on other social media platforms. This involves keeping up to date on the most popular video formats and challenges going place in the YouTube community at any given time. A single video is all it takes to get your video noticed and become viral, but if you more, your chances of success go significantly. This is why you should also look at your direct competitors, i.e., videos that cover the same or a comparable subject to the one you plan to discuss: Are there any more videos that are comparable to this one? How many are there?  How did the other teams get their act together? What I bring to the table? All content must be up-to-date and written under widely accepted standards

Set a Plan To YouTube Video

Preparation is key when it comes to creating videos, as it saves time and effort in the end. Everything from the content to the shooting to the post-production benefits from precise planning. As a result, you give great consideration to how your content presented to audience. The message conveyed clearly in a smart way. Post-production graphics, charts, diagrams, or animated GIFs are frequently helpful. While these digital assistants can be helpful, it’s important not to rely on them too much. In addition to clearly illustrating what is being stated, they may be rather fun when done well. Even while this is a good addition, it doesn’t take the place of a distinct narrative voice together with expressive body language.

Sketching the video’s path, even in a rough way, plan shots and edits, as well as practice the necessary camera angles. External elements, such as light and brightness, must also be taken into account. Direct or backlighting light sources not used.

Shooting A YouTube Video

You may begin recording as soon as everything is in order. Don’t put your faith in the cut to save everything, is the guiding principle in this case. You’ve seen videos when the YouTuber has simply said a syllable or gone off on a tangent. There should be an objective of taking the game away from the opposition. However, the fact that you have an endless number of interpretations simply makes post-production more challenging. Because of this, you should focus on a clean and beautiful background, as well as turning off any distracting elements, such as phones or background noise. An essential mode of transportation is sympathy. Making eye contact and smiling are essential. It’s helpful to pretend that you’re talking to a friend instead of you when you’re interacting with a camera.

Post-Production A YouTube Video

An experienced YouTuber’s toolkit includes a variety of post-production techniques. Everything that didn’t go as planned during the shoot, can be fixed in post-production, along with a host of new features. You may first do a professional edit of the footage using some video editing software. To avoid making the transitions too difficult, the cuts should always be spontaneous and quick. When everything is in order, you may apply contrast, brightness, and other image processing factors. In this case, you must pay attention to the emotion you wish to create throughout the audience.

Neutral and somewhat better lighting used if you want to keep the viewer’s attention on the particular subject of the video. Here you may change how intensely blue or green something is (clever preplanning YouTube may have already placed accessories in the exact tones in the background).